Dear doctors you can use your knowledge to earn money online. there are so many ways to earn money online for doctors, here is some tips to earn money online.

How Doctors Earn Online

When you find a heading that how doctors earn online. Every doctors think that there will be online clinic or anything related treatment option available online. But Doctors not only  get paid for treating patient, But you can also start earning by sitting in front of computer. 

How can Doctors earn Online by using Computer

Doctors can share your knowledge with others or other doctors by creating a valuable content on web. Doctors can write many content related to Medicine/ Treatment that is on huge demand in google search.

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From where we will get Payment?

After Creating your own free/ Paid Websites, you start writting your content in blog/ website. After getting good traffic to your website you can apply for Google adsense to start earing money. Once your application is approved form google your website will be placed with adsense ad code. You will earn money for Ads click by visitors. You should maintain your site complying with adsense policies change time to time. Any violations lead to removal of your account.

How much can earn Monthly without investment?

The amount you earn based on your traffic to your website and adsense CPC, High quality pages with keywords related to high income leads to earn good income Monthly.

When we get paid from Google?

You will be paid on monthly basis once your account threshold reach mininmum 100 USD you will get paid after 20th of each month. You can set your account transfer/ Wiretransfer mode to get your payment on monthly basis

  • Making money without creating products. An affiliate program is a system which allows vendors become affiliated with someones product by selling it for a commission. Vendors promoting affiliate programs can earn commission on each sale.
  • Start posting in your own website related to medical or non medical matters, place ads on your website and earn money