Scope of said work is making entries of warehouse slips in to the provided CRM. CRM will load the blank form and you need to fill and save the form in CRM by picking correct and relevant values from related image. CRM will be working offline and storing the data in encrypted form in excel file. You'll have to send this excel file to us after completing your work within time line.
Project: Warehouse Data Entry Work
Suitable for full time workers or BPO Centres

Time and accuracy is essence of this contract, any delay in delivery or accuracy less than acceptance levels will lead to rejection of the assignment as well termination of this agreement and invoking of risk and cost clause. Accuracy of 96.1% is set as standard for quality acceptance, whereas, the minimum acceptable accuracy is 80.1%.

The total work generated under this contract agreement in terms of estimated exactly 4400 image files per assignment. And every assignment having TAT of 22 calendar days.

Benefits & Payment


Earn money online from data entry jobs, They pay 18 Rupees per image. You need to convert image to Editable text.

The payrate is 50 paisa per field and every image contains 36 fields/values, means every form costs for INR 18.00
Form complete assignment you'll earn up to INR 84240.00 per assignment.
Minimum Payout INR 8424.00 ( whenever you reach INR 8424.00 and above, you will be paid )
Technical Support to Clarify your Doubts while Working.
Get your payments for monthly work.
9 months validity of contract.

Achieved Accuracy %      Payrate
96.1 – 100%              Rs 84240.00    (@ 50 paisa per field)
92.1 – 96%               Rs 58968.00    (@ 35 paisa per field)
88.1 – 92%               Rs 33696.00    (@ 20 paisa per field)
84.1 – 88%               Rs 16848.00    (@ 10 paisa per field)
80.1 – 84%               Rs  8424.00    (@  5 paisa per field)


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