Engineers can earn money online by using internet. The best way to earn money online for engineers is blogging. Its simple, you write articles on your engineering subjects. once your blog contents indexed by search engines many visitors view your articles, then you can place contextual ads from Google or place some other affiliate links and earn money online. Once you start blogging you can find many ways to increase your traffic, try to write articles about what is not exist on the web.

ENGINEERING Blogs example 

  • Civil engineers write about building plans, structure, concrete, mixing, shuttering, bar bending, road works safety, footing, flooring materials, other civil equipments.
  • Mechanical Engineers can write articles on machines, drawing, CAD, Mechanical ventilation, mechanical engineering, scope of mechanical engineering, mechanical jobs, mechanical projects, mechanical testing labs, mechanical books etc. 
  • Software engineers can write about latest software for pc, software update, online software activation, software companies, software management, software engineering books, projects etc.
  • Safety Engineers can write articles on Fire Fighting, Fire and safety diploma, construction site safety, personal protective equipments, safety slogans, safety posters, safety day, safety rules, safety laps etc.
  • Electrical Engineers can write about electrical circuits, electrical safety, electrical projects, electrical jobs, electrical seminar topics etc.... 

From where we will get Payment?

After Creating your own free/ Paid Websites related Engineering or What ever it is, you start writing your content in blog/ website. After getting good traffic to your website you can apply for Google adsense to start earing money. Once your application is approved form google your website will be placed with adsense ad code. You will earn money for Ads click by visitors. You should maintain your site complying with adsense policies change time to time. Any violations lead to removal of your account.

Best Niches for Blogging

Find a best niche for Engineering related content blogging, you can search best niches in google also

How much can earn Monthly without investment?

The amount you earn based on your traffic to your website and adsense CPC, High quality pages with keywords related to high income leads to earn good income Monthly.

When we get paid from Google?

You will be paid on monthly basis once your account threshold reach mininmum 100 USD you will get paid after 20th of each month. You can set your account transfer/ Wiretransfer mode to get your payment on monthly basis
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