Work from Home Jobs for BCA graduates

Work from Home Jobs for BCA graduates- How to make money as a BCA Student/Graduate from home

After Completing BCA its hard to get job in your city. There are many vacancies out of your city but the salary structure may or may not be suitable being a BCA degree holder. If BCA candidates earn more money without any investment means its fine. There are many options to earn money online but we are not taking interest to do the needful. Also many BCA candidates think that it takes time to earn good money. As all of you know that it takes time, you can not earn huge money overnight.

Then How to Earn Money Online:

Being a BCA Degree holder you can make videos and earn money from the Dealer or YouTube. You can make videos based on their interest and also you can make videos related to your subject or how to write coding like. The uploaded videos may attract the viewers in you tube or Facebook. based on the view you will be paid. You need a account in Facebook or YouTube to get paid. In the beginning you will not paid much when your videos viewed by many people and you continue to upload new videos then you will be paid more.

BCA Candidates Earn money from YouTube:

As explained above you can earn money from you tube but you need a YouTube Channel and After your YouTube Subscribers Reach 1000 Subscriptions and 4000 watch hours you can apply for Ad-sense YouTube Earning account. If you want to earn for view before getting approved from you tube you may send the Videos to me to get paid based on views in our channel. But your video must have quality to reach viewers in Facebook or YouTube.

Work from Home Jobs for BCA graduates

Earn From Google Adsense for your Content:

Earlier we explained how you can earn from your content from reaching more people. You can post your opinions or any useful content in a website to earn a lot from google based on your traffic. The Adsense ads will be shown on your wesbsite and you can earn from your content based on your adsense ads clicks and Impressions, Page CTR, Impression CTR CPC Page RPM and Impression RPM. That's How you can make money being a BCA Graduate from home

Earn Money from Facebook:

There are Lot of Options are there to earn money from Facebook. You can share your videos in facebook and earn money for placing ads in the videos, The ads account may be created at Facebook for free after your Facebook page is eligible for monetisation. The Details will be given in my next update. Keep visiting this page for more info on Facebook Earning tips for BCA candidates

Affiliate Marketing Suits for Some category People:

As of my Knowledge many are Earning some money from Affiliate Marketing. But It Doesn't Suit for all. Only If you have interest to sell products online for commission you can go for it. Those BCA candidates who are interested in this type Affiliate Marketing earning text me using the comment box below.

Online Data Entry Work:

Online Data Entry work also good for some BCA candidates to earn money from home. But be careful choosing a real Data Entry job provider, there are many websites fooling you to pay money before joining.

Trading Does not suit All:

The Investing is Risky in Trading if you don't know how to place orders properly during market up and downs. So without proper knowledge and training don't go for Forex Trading or other share market Investments being a BCA candidate.

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